Synthesis and characterization of BiPbSr2XO6 (X=Mn, Fe)

Kheti, J (2014) Synthesis and characterization of BiPbSr2XO6 (X=Mn, Fe). MSc thesis.



BiPbSr2MnO6 is a potential candidate where we can search for possible magnetoelectricity near 200K. The compound is prepared by solid state route reaction using bismuth oxide (Bi2O3), lead oxide (PbO), strontium carbonate (SrCO3) and manganese oxide (Mn2O3).We could not get clean phase of BiPbSr2MnO6 after several attempts. Then, we prepare the compound BiPbSr2FeO6, by replacing Mn ions by Fe. The XRD analysis conform the formation of the single phase compound and the lattices constant are nearly equal to the calculated one. The FESEM image shows the compound is well sintered; grains are distributed uniformly and less porosity present. From the UV-VIS plot the band gap is found to be 1.57 eV. Dielectric constant (år) and loss (tanä) as function of frequency at room temperature shows contribution of space charge and orientational polarization.

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