Design and Analysis of fractal antenna for wireless application

Jenna, Hari (2014) Design and Analysis of fractal antenna for wireless application. BTech thesis.



In future the growth of telecommunication systems plays a major role in daily life. So one has to design a antenna with lower weight, wide bandwidth, smaller dimension and cheap in cost than conventionally possible. This has initiated a research about antennas in various directions, and it is found that the following requirements can be achieved by using fractal shaped antenna. In the present thesis a plus shaped fractal antenna is designed. This design is particularly focused on generation of multi frequency which results in increased bandwidth and size reduction of the antenna and have better characteristics when compared with conventional microstrip antenna. Fractal antennas are described by space filling and having self similar properties. They show multiband characteristics because of their self similar properties. All antennas are designed on a substrate taking dielectric constant €r = 4.4 and thickness 0.05 mm, and a 50 ohm SMA connector is used to feed the antenna. The fractal antenna characteristics with slot and with iterations are simulated using CST Microwave Studio Suite 12. Finally, in this type of antenna if we go on changing the Length of the slot Ls which results in reduction of resonant frequency from 2.48Ghz to 1.01Ghz. Thus corresponding to about a size reduction of 59.27% and increased bandwidth of 14.38 % after two iterations are successfully attained.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Telecommunication;fractal antenna;bandwidth;frequency; microstrip antenna;size reduction
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