Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna for UWB Applications

Kumar, Dhunish (2014) Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna for UWB Applications. MTech thesis.



The goal of this thesis is to design and analysis the Microstrip Patch Antenna which covers the Ultra Wide Band 3.1 to 10.6 GHz. This thesis covers study of basics and fundamentals of microstrip patch antenna. A series of parametric study were done to find that how the characteristics of the antenna depends on its various geometrical and other parameters. The various geometrical parameters of the antenna are the dimensions of the patch and ground planes and the separation between them and it also includes the dielectric constant of the substrate material. The parametric study also contains the study of different techniques for optimizing the different parameters of antenna to get the optimum results and performance. This is a simulation based study. The design and simulation of the antenna is carried out using CST microwave Studio simulation software. Four antennas with different types of shapes were designed which cover the entire UWB range. The First designed antenna has two half circular patches which are overlapped to each other. A narrow rectangular slit is added to the patch to improve the performance of antenna. The return loss curve shows that the antenna has bandwidth from 3GHz to 12GHz with a minimum return loss -45 dB at 3.5 GHz. The second design is elliptical patch antenna with modified ground plane which covers 2.46 Ghz to 13.62 Ghz frequency range has a minimum return loss at resonance frequency 10GHz -50dB. The third and fourth designs are Extended Circular Planar Antenna and Candy Bar Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna that uses defected ground plane and modified ground planes respectively which covers the entire UWB. Return loss curve, antenna gains and the Farfield results are shown for all the designed antennas. Various results reflect the good antenna performance in the UWB range of frequency. Then the effects of varying the parameters of the antenna on its performance are investigated and shown.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Return loss,Surface current,Radiation pattern,Realized Gain,IEEE Gain,Polarization
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