Stress analysis of high speed turbomachine

Swain, S (2014) Stress analysis of high speed turbomachine. BTech thesis.



The intent of this thesis is to study stresses in high speed turbo machine. A turbo machine used for current investigation is a small turboexpander which include rotor, compressor and turbine wheel. Rotor is a common component used in variety of applications across the industries. When the rotor is subjected to a very high angular velocity, a large centrifugal force acts on the various element of the rotor. It tries to pull the material out. Due to the high rotational speed not only high stress but also deformation comes into picture. Because of the high rotational speed, components like the thrust collar on the shaft and the compressor operate close to their failure stress. Ductile materials are more prone to fatigue failure than the brittle materials because the stress concentrations can’t be compensated by local deformations that occur in case of static loading, leading material to fail. Therefore it is essential to analyse the stress and deformation of all the elements before using it in applications. This project concentrates on analysis of rotor, compressor and turbine wheel of a high speed turbomachinery. Main focus was to find stress and deformation of rotor, blades of turbine wheel and compressor wheel. The analysis has been done using ANSYS software and the solid models are created using SolidWorks. The analysis revels come of the critical areas in different component of turbo machine. Also this thesis gives the detail steps on how to do analysis of turbo machines arts using ANSYS. The author expects the analysis and conclusion will help the engineering society of the world to analysis, design and fabricate turbomachinery for better reliability and efficiency. Current study can be future extend to analytical analysis of high speed rotor using Finite Element Method.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:structural analysis; turboexpander; expansion turbine; brake compressor; finite element method; IGES; gas bearings; thrust collar
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