Some studies on control of a DC-servo motor

Maraiya, G (2014) Some studies on control of a DC-servo motor. MTech thesis.



Dc motor has been widely utilized as a part of much mechanical provision for their exact, basic and nonstop control attributes. We have different controller for control dc motor speed/position PID,PI and sliding mode using software Matlab and experiment set up. The brushless dc motor extensively used for control system and industrial application because small in size, high efficiency and high torque density Design PID controller to get fast step response. The PID controller gives very good response and the controller further tuned to decrease overshoot and steady state error. In industries PID controller are better than other controller. PID controller is not difficult to tune and modest. PID control technique is unable to balance out the nonlinear plants or in the vicinity of limited however high instabilities. Sliding mode control strategy is powerful to matched vulnerabilities and the fancied execution is accomplished. The chattering is principle impairment of SMC. This thesis an extensive study to control speed/position of dc motor by different Controller like PID, Sliding mode in Matlab simulation as well as experimental Study on dc servo set up. The system identification technique is used to get the accurate transfer function of dc motor system identification is the technique where we give some input to the motor and get output corresponding input and output we get the process model with measured and simulation mode through is model get the best fit percentage result after find the transfer function of plant we have design the different controller to control the speed/position of the motor. We have design PID controller for both speed and position control.

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