Simulation and modelling of divided wall distillation column by programming design equations using MATLAB

Pati, A (2014) Simulation and modelling of divided wall distillation column by programming design equations using MATLAB. BTech thesis.



The thesis describes about the simulation and design study of divided wall distillation columns using various mathematical models. Since all of us are aware, that distillation is the fundamental aspect of separation processes in the Chemical industries. In the current thesis, simulation studies of the divided wall distillation column using various mathematical models are presented. Steady state simulations are being performed using Thomas mathematical model supported by rigorous programming using combination of MATLAB which is the fundamental programming language In the steady state simulation we have tried to see the effect of changing the number of plates on the component mole fraction, vapor flow rate, liquid flow rate, Temperature etc., which gives an idea about the optimum number of plates in the divided wall distillation column. The basic input variables used are tear variables i.e. temperature and vapor flow rate. Firstly, MESH equations has been written for an equilibrium stage in a multi-component vapor liquid cascade. Those equilibrium stages can be combined to form a counter-current cascade of N equilibrium stages that can be used to model divided wall distillation column. Then the mathematical model of tri-diagonal matrix algorithm has been applied to solve the MESH equations. And then rigorously solving countercurrent-flow, multi-equilibrium stage, multi-component separation system with the help of Thomas algorithm and with the help of a process simulator. And thereby by rigorous programming and continuous simulation it predicts optimum number of plates alongside implementation of controllability factors could be implemented for feasible operation of divided wall distillation column. Thus, designing of divided wall distillation column must be encouraged in chemical industries reducing two important parameters cost and energy to a great extent thereby enhancing profitability of the industries to a great extent.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:MATLAB, Steady state simulation, Cascade control, Composition, Temperature, Divided wall distillation column, Vapor flow rate.
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