Security scheme for wireless sensor network

Shrivastava, V (2014) Security scheme for wireless sensor network. MTech thesis.



A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) could be a network created of tiny autonomous sensors (nodes). Its purpose is to watch environmental variable like temperature, pressure, humidity, motion, brightness, etc. These nodes use a radiofrequency system to deliver the knowledge gathered by the sensors to a central process unit (CPU) or base station. The communication between a node and therefore the base station may happen either directly or step by step through completely different nodes among the network. Some WSN can even be controlled from the base station. Each device node typically consists of the subsequent main components: a microcontroller, completely different sensors, a radio transceiver and electric battery or another supply of power. The scheme relies on LOCK scheme and staff ID-based secure cluster key management. The scheme has many blessings over the prevailing LOCK theme. This scheme improves the wireless device network system security. It minimizes the amount of key storage demand and therefore the number of the communication messages for rekeying. Additionally, one distinctive advantage is that it doesn't have an effect on the other nodes once evicting compromised node or moving the node from one location to a different. The goal of this thesis is to style and build a WSN node and to program its microcontroller thus it covers a basic practicality, implement the science security and to send the collected knowledge to different network nodes.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:WSN; NRF24l01; Arduino; Atmega328; Attiny85; Weil pairing; elliptic curve; security
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