Screening of novel drugs against alpha-glucosidase, a key enzyme in diabetes

Goyal, N (2014) Screening of novel drugs against alpha-glucosidase, a key enzyme in diabetes. BTech thesis.



Diabetes is a metabolic disease which is very common in today’s generation and patient suffering from diabetes either has faulty cells which do not respond to insulin properly or has inadequate production of insulin in the body due to which glucose level in the blood rises which leads to frequent urination, Patient becomes increasingly thirsty (Polidipsia) and hungry (polyphagia ). There are mainly three types of diabetes TYPE1, TYPE2 and GESTATIONAL but type is the most common one. In type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patient’s body does not produce enough insulin for proper functioning or the cells do not react to the insulin properly. Obese and overweight people have more chances of developing type2 diabetes mellitus. According to age also risk of Diabetes Mellitus increases. As we get older chances of having type 2 diabetes mellitus increases. Researchers from university of eidenburgh have reported that men whose testerone levels are low have higher chances of having Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 because Testerone levels are directly linked to insulin resistance. Approximately 90% of all the cases worldwide are of Diabetes Mellitus type2.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Diabetes Meliitus, Alpha-Glucosidase, Insulin, Gestational
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