Scheduling and efficient energy utilization in cloud system

Gupta, A and Kar, S (2014) Scheduling and efficient energy utilization in cloud system. BTech thesis.



Cloud computing is an emerging topic on software and distributed computing based on Internet, which means users can access storages and applications from remote servers by web browsers or other fixed or mobile terminals. In a cloud framework different services such as servers, storage in the form of data as well as Big data, resources etc are given to a management's computers and different devices on interest through the Internet. Multiple clients want to run their jobs or cloudlets in the cloud at a particular instant of time. The tasks are executed depending on the number of processors available and the scheduling policy of the cloud. In a cloud simulation software such as CloudSim a two level scheduling in the form of Space-shared and Time-shared can be used in collaboration with First Come First Serve(FCFS). An efficient way of job scheduling in cloud is to assign weightage or priority to the various parameters coming along with the job also taking into consideration the priority value set by the client to the task. In this thesis an attempt has been made to develop an efficient priority algorithm for the jobs running in the cloud. Also an attempt has been made to reduce the energy consumption at a particular over utilized node as well as switching idle nodes to the sleep mode thereby optimizing resource usage and reducing energy consumption.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
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