Rate studies on monoethanolamine-carbon dioxide-water system

Patra, R (2014) Rate studies on monoethanolamine-carbon dioxide-water system. BTech thesis.



Owing to the increase in Green House Gases in the atmosphere, the most widely known Global Warming, in the present scenario, is inevitable. Thus, to mitigate the comparatively larger amount of these gases, various scientific and technological developments have been ensured. Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) technique helps in this regard to lessen the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by absorbing CO2 in a suitable absorbent and then stripping it from that absorbent in the subsequent process to get almost pure CO2, which is stored and used for its many industrial applications. Amongst the sources of CO2, Natural Gas Power Plant, Coal-fired Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plant are of prime concern to subject our problems and project a solution. Although having a different prospects and methods of CO2 capture, CCS by Chemical Absorption Method (Post-Combustion) can be viewed as a commercial approach to have a large scale application. For this, although a large number of solvent along with their blends has been experimented, a systematic theoretical as well as realistic practical approach on many of the solvent and the comparison between them has yet not been performed. Again, where many of the literature review shows VLE studies on the respective solvents; very few of them have revealed a significant approach on Rate Studies. This thesis is about ensuring a more practical approach to determine the performance of the solvent MEA (Monoethanol Amine) in CO2 absorption in Rate Model using ASPEN PLUS.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Carbon Capture & Storage; RATE STUDIES; MEA (Monoethanol Amine) system; RATEFRAC model; DESIGN SPECIFICATION.
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