Publish - subscribe based communication model

Agarwal, N (2014) Publish - subscribe based communication model. BTech thesis.



Publish-Subscribe is an expression used to describe an application model in which supplier of some data (Publisher) is decoupled from the consumers of that data (Subscriber). Publish-Subscribe paradigm is an asynchronous messaging paradigm. Publishers are unaware of receivers i.e. they do not send messages to specific receivers. Instead, the messages published are divided into classes, oblivious of the subscribers. Subscribers express interest in one or more classes, and only receive messages that are of interest, without any awareness of the publishers. The thesis studies publish-subscribe model and the paradigm’s advantages in distributed computing. The thesis also proposes a scheme to respond to user’s interests derived from both published content and subscribed content, if any. This model has applications in Blogging Systems, Advertisements and Recommendation Systems.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Publish-Subscribe; Publisher; Subscriber; Distributed Computing; decoupling; asynchronous messaging; interest
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