Development of a personalized wireless attender calling system for critical patient management

Dutta, Debeshi (2014) Development of a personalized wireless attender calling system for critical patient management. MTech thesis.



There is a need of a smart attender calling system for efficient patient care in modern hospitals. Such a system is needed in medical institutions in order to help certain critically disabled patients (temporarily disabled for vocal communication or mobility) to reach their health care givers or doctors by very simple means. Keeping the aforesaid perspective in mind, here we have developed a personalized wireless body–fixed attender calling system. The device is prepared by assembling a flex sensor and a Hall Effect sensor on hand glove platform effective through hand movement of the user. A trained finger movement and hand position change of the patient lead to flexion induced variation in output voltage and change in Hall sensitivity. The circuit consists of a flex-hall arrangement interfaced with Arduino UNO board loaded with suitable commands for desired analog read and wireless serial transmission of data. Above a preset threshold level the proposed device will get activated and start its play and display function. As a result, patient identification information accompanied with a message will be delivered to the concerned medical person. The sensitivity of the setup can be adjusted by manipulating the preset threshold value as per the requirement of the patient. It is believed that the aforesaid system could be useful for efficient patient management thereby reducing unfortunate situations in modern medical treatments.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Critically disabled,Flex-Hall,Arduino UNO,threshold value
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Biomedical Engineering
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering
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