Preparation of hybrid scaffold based on PVA and bioactive glass ceramics

Sourav, S (2014) Preparation of hybrid scaffold based on PVA and bioactive glass ceramics. BTech thesis.



A hybrid scaffold based on polyvinyl alcohol and bioactive glass ceramics was synthesized and characterized for its biocompatibility and its degradation behavior. Poly vinyl alcohol and glass ceramics were mixed in the ratio 70:30 by weight percentage. The glass ceramic was based on 65 % SiO2, 5 % P2O5 and 30 % CaO. Aqueous solution of PVA was prepared with 25% concentration. A glass ceramic sol containing TEOS, CaCl2, TEP was added to PVA solution. The pH of the final solution was adjusted to 2 using HF. Hybrid gel formed was then dried and characterized for phase evaluation by XRD, chemical characterization by FTIR, AP, BD, microstructure by FESEM, biodegradability and bioactivity. XRD pattern revealed that the hybrid was amorphous material. SEM microstructure showed crystallization of glass ceramic phase in polymer matrix. Incubation of glass ceramic in SBF solution showed the deposition of Calcium and Sodium containing phases on the surface of scaffold. This indicates that the hybrid scaffold is biocompatible and may be applicable for uses in bone tissues engineering.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:bioactive glass ceramic, biodegredation,scaffold, tissue engineering
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