Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite-chitosan-alginate micro-thin nanocomposites

Roy, T (2014) Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite-chitosan-alginate micro-thin nanocomposites. BTech thesis.



Recently, biomaterials have become an important area of research. In this research, tissue engineering is of utmost importance as it addresses some important biomedical issues.In the present study, we demonstrate the use of nano-hydroxyapatite, sodium alginate and chitosan as materials for skin tissue engineering and wound healing applications. In this method, films of thickness about 100 microns are fabricated through the mechanism of cross linking through CaCl2 solution. Calcium ions replace sodium ions in the alginate and form a gel film upon air drying. The films are then tested for various properties like bioactivity, biodegradability, tensile strength, porosityto understand the suitability of the material for replacement of skin. It has been found that the micro-thin composite shows good bioactivity and biodegradability. Tensile strength of the compositehaving 0.25% hydroxyapatite is 22.52N/mm2. This proves to be an acceptable matrix as our natural skin has tensile strength in the range between 15-20N/mm2. XRD shows the presence of HAP with respect to other added polymers. FESEM result shows a fairly good distribution of the HAP into the composite matrix along with good porosity that is required for tissue ingrowth.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Hydroxyapatite,bioactivity,biodegradability, tensile strength
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