Power quality improvement in 3-ϕ power system using shunt active filter with synchronous detection method

Nanda, P K (2014) Power quality improvement in 3-ϕ power system using shunt active filter with synchronous detection method. BTech thesis.



Active filters with synchronous detection methodologies are vividly employed in distribution system to make sure that the harmonics generated by non-linear loads is reduced and results in less voltage distortion and leads to lesser power superiority problems. The three physical characteristics that mostly underline the power quality and a power quality issues are Voltage, Current and Frequency. Harmonics is defined as a disturbance demonstrated in current or voltage or frequency waveforms which result in devastation, or failure of final equipment. The greater switching frequency as well as the non-linearity in the characteristics of the power electronics equipment is mostly creditworthy for the power quality issue. So significance is being given to the procurement of Active Power Filters to equate these problems to improvise power quality and of all these, shunt active power filter is used to take care of harmonics of voltage and load currents and for reactive power compensating. The shunt active power filters have been built up on the basis of on control strategies like compensation scheme (p-q control) and instantaneous active and reactive current control scheme (Id-Iq control). Taking into consideration its superior quality, an analysis on the Id-Iq control scheme based shunt active filter presented in this project. The compensation is given by the usage of PI based controllers. A theory based study on both the compensation schemes is carried out in the project and then Id-Iq control scheme is implemented in simulation using MATLAB/SIMULINK® work and its harmonic compensation results are analysed. Then synchronous detection scheme algorithms are worked out for unbalanced three phase systems and simulation is done.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Shunt active filters; Synchronous detection method; non-linear loads; Harmonics; Reactive power compensation
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Systems
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Electrical Engineering
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Supervisor(s):Panda, A K

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