Network on chip modelling using CDMA concept

Sahoo, S (2014) Network on chip modelling using CDMA concept. MTech thesis.



The network on chip (NOC) is a widely discussed concept for handling the large on chip communication requirements of complex system on chip (SOC) design. The traditional bus based architecture does not communicate properly in very large SOCs. As a result the on chip communication uses the packet switching paradigm for routing information between the intellectual property (IP) blocks. The concept of code division multiple access (CDMA) is applied for on chip packet switch communication network. The technique of applying CDMA principle in NOC design is the point to be discussed in this project. A packet switched network on chip that applies the CDMA principle is realizable in a very common logic that is Register Transfer Logic (RTL) by using the VHDL coding technique. The globally asynchronous and locally synchronous (GALS) scheme is used for the realization of CDMA NOC by using both synchronous and asynchronous designing technology. Packet switched NOC is divided into two designing schemes which are named as CDMA NOC and POINT TO POINT NOC. The packet switch NOC which uses point to point design scheme, which is shown by the example of ring topology NOC, has a varying data transfer latency when the packets are transferred to different destination or to the same destination by different routes in the network. For the elimination of variation of data transfer logic CDMA NOC is used. The structure of the CDMA NOC is proposed and the process is coded and implemented by using ALTIUM software in this project. The model of CDMA NOC is described by the ALTIUM software. The comparative study of the characteristics of CDMA NOC and point to point NOC mainly ring topology are examined.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:CDMA;Network On Chip(NOC);Register Transfer Logic;Globally asynchronous and locally synchoronous(GALS) ;Point To Point NOC;
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