MPPT control PV charging system for lead acid battery

Chauhan , A (2014) MPPT control PV charging system for lead acid battery. MTech thesis.



MPPT algorithm is an important process to ensure the best utilization of the PV panels. Maximum power point tracking of solar module aiming to improve conversion efficiency of solar module. Various tracking algorithms are available for this purpose. Of these, P&O and INC is the two most extensively used tracking algorithms. In this design incremental conductance (INC) used extract maximum power from solar panel. This MPPT algorithm combine with battery charging loop to charge lead acid battery with different charging stages that are constant current, constant voltage and float charging. To implement these techniques required sensing of the panel voltage, panel current, battery voltage, battery current. Sensing the voltage is easy and can be made with very less cost. However, current sensing is difficult and the standard Hall-Effect current sensor generally used in the MPPT algorithm is costly. To overcome this difficulty a low cost current sensor is designed and used to implement the INC algorithm. The performance of the current sensing circuit is tested experimentally and compared with a standard LEM current sensor. Simulation and experimental results of performance of the incremental conductance (INC) algorithm and battery charging loop shows that preliminary results it is expect that the charging process using the MPPT algorithm will be faster. The result shows that this charging pattern increase efficiency of power transfer comparison to other method and assure fast, safe and complete lead acid battery charging process with full SOC.

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