Modeling and control of a grid connected wind-PV hybrid generation system

Patel, Sanjukta (2014) Modeling and control of a grid connected wind-PV hybrid generation system. MTech thesis.



In electric distribution system Power control of a hybrid generation system that is wind and solar system for interconnection operation is presented in this paper. Renewable resources offer clean, abundant energy. As the power demand increases power failure also increases so the renewable energy can be used to provide constant loads. To converting the basic circuit equation of solar cell into simplified form a model developed including the effects of changing solar irradiation and temperature. This paper consists of PMSG as a wind generator, solar array, dc-dc converter and grid interface inverter. Maximum power point tracker (MPPT) control is essential to ensure the output of photovoltaic power generation system at the maximum power output as possible. There are many MPPT technique. In this paper perturbation & observation (P&O) method and incremental conductance (IncCond) method are used and simulated in Mat lab/Simulink. P&O method is simple in operation and hard ware requirement is less, but it has some power loss. IncCond method has more precise control and faster response, but it has higher hardware requirement. in order to achieve maximum efficiency of photovoltaic power generation, an efficient control methods that is (P&O) should be chosen. The voltage source inverter interface with grid transfers the energy drawn from the wind turbine and PV array to the grid by keeping common dc voltage constant. The simulation results show the control performance and dynamic behavior of the hybrid wind-PV system.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Solar array, Hybrid generation, MPPT, PMSG, Wind generation, boost converter
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