Experimental investigation of ethanol fueled partially premixed compression ignition (PPCI) diesel engine

Tiwari, Pawan Kumar (2014) Experimental investigation of ethanol fueled partially premixed compression ignition (PPCI) diesel engine. MTech thesis.



Control of emissions from IC engines applies a huge pressure to engine manufacturers. Low temperature combustion concepts such as HCCI, PPCI, and PCCI are promising solutions for reduction of both the NO and soot particulate from diesel engine. In the present investigation, five different flow rates 0.21, 0.37, 0.51, 0.59 and 0.80 kg/hr of ethanol is injected by port fuel injection. This study investigates the effect of ethanol premixed fraction on PPCI and direct injection combined combustion mode engine. The motivation of using ethanol fuel is that, it can be obtained from both natural and manufactured resources. The combustion, performance and emission parameter are evaluated for all loads with different premixed fractions and compared with diesel fuel operation. Based on the performance and emission parameters, it is understand that the injection of ethanol limits the stable operation range for different ethanol premixed fractions. In order to increase stable operation range, charge heating is used with different flow rates of ethanol. Results indicated that charge heating is beneficial solution for low load operation. For all stable operation range, the NOX emission is found to be extremely low than that of diesel, however, the HC and CO emissions are relatively high.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Premixed fraction; homogeneous; HCCI; combustion; NO; temperature
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