Localization by decreasing the impact of obstacles in wireless sensor networks

Kumar, Manish (2014) Localization by decreasing the impact of obstacles in wireless sensor networks. MTech thesis.



In sensor networks ,Localization techniques makes use of small number of reference nodes, whose locations are known in prior, and other nodes estimate their coordinate position from the messages they receive from the anchor nodes. Localization protocol can be divided into two categories: (i) range-based and (ii) range-free protocols. Range-based protocols depend on knowing the distance between the nodes. Where as, range-free protocols consider the contents of message sent from the anchor node to all other sensor node. Previous range-free based localization methods requires at least three anchor nodes ,whose positions already known ,in order to find the position of unknown sensor node and these methods might not guarantee for complete solution and an infeasible case could occur. The convex position estimation method takes the advantage of solving the above problem. Here different approach to solve the localization problem is described. In which it considers a single moving anchor node and each node will have a set of mobile anchor node co-ordinates. Later this algorithm checks for the connectivity between the nodes to formulate the radical constraints and finds the unknown sensor node location. The nodes position obtained using convex position estimation method will have less location error. However, Network with obstacles is most common. Localizing these networks, some nodes may have higher location error. The new method is described to decrease the impact of obstacle, in which nodes near or within the obstacle that fail to get minimum of three anchor node position values get the anchor position set from its neighbor nodes, applies the convex position estimation method and gets localized with better position accuracy. The Convex position estimation method is range-free that solves localization problem when infeasible case occurs and results in better location accuracy.

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