Fabrication and Characterization of PVDF - PZT (Navy type-VI) composites

Mahapatra, Swetapadma (2014) Fabrication and Characterization of PVDF - PZT (Navy type-VI) composites. BTech thesis.



Our work comprises preparation of homogeneous ceramics-polymer composites consisting of PZT (Navy Type VI) particles in the form of fillers and PVDF polymer as matrix, using a solution casting process. The structural, microstructural and dielectric properties of the composites film were investigated by X-ray Diffraction, Field Emmision Scanning Electron Microscopy, LCR Meter, respectively and discussed. The X-ray diffraction patterns indicate that with the addition of PZT, the polymer peak gradually flattens. PVDF matrix of the PVDF-PZT composite is contains mixture of á and â phase. The FESEM images show a uniform distribution of ceramic fillers in the polymer matrix. The composites prepared show greater dielectric permittivity and a reduced loss tangent. The results suggest that the introduced ceramic PZT fillers have a good influence on the polymer matrix and contribute to the improvement of the dielectric behaviour of the composites.  

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:PVDF-PZT;composites; density;dielectric properties; Microstructure
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Ceramic Engnieering > Ceramic Materials
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Ceramic Engineering
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Deposited On:11 Sep 2014 16:23
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Supervisor(s):Mazumder, R

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