Fabrication and extraction of silver nanoparticle using bacillus thuringiensis

Kumar, Ajeet (2014) Fabrication and extraction of silver nanoparticle using bacillus thuringiensis. MSc thesis.



Nanoparticles being the smallest unit of nanotechnology are playing an important role in various fields of our life now a day. There are different kinds of nanoparticles ranging from metals to non-metals and also from carbon sources. The process of their synthesis is also different. We have used green synthesis to synthesize nanoparticles i.e. bio fabricated one. Silver nanoparticles keep an important place in area due antimicrobial property, helpful in drug delivery, application in textile industry and so on. We have synthesized silver nanoparticles using bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis in log phase of their growth. Firstly the tolerance capacity of bacteria was checked by MIC and then its characterisation was done with the help of UV-Visible spectroscopy, ATR-FTIR, DLS, zeta potential and FE-SEM analysis. After characterisation it was extracted from bacterial media by adding 10 mM SDS which stabilizes it. Now it was run in size exclusion chromatography and again same techniques were applied to confirm the presence of nanoparticles in the stabilising media. To check the stability of synthesized silver nanoparticle it was characterised for a week using DLS and zeta potential analysis. Results focuses on the presence of nanoparticles as well as its stability in the media as tested for 7 days. These synthesized nanoparticles can be further be lyophilized and can be modified according to need for the welfare of common mass.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Nanoparticle, antibacterial, ATR-FTIR, DLS, Zeta potential
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