Efficient identity based signcryption scheme and solution of key-escrow problem

Kumar, Vikas (2014) Efficient identity based signcryption scheme and solution of key-escrow problem. MTech thesis.



In cryptography for sending any information from sender to receiver, we have to ensure about the three types of security policies i.e. integrity, confidentiality and authentication. For confidentiality purpose, encryption-decryption technique is used and for authentication purpose digital signature is used, so to ensure this three properties, first sender encrypt the message and then sign the message. Same process done at the receiver end that means first message is decrypted then verified, so it's two step process that increases the communication as well as computation cost. But in many real life applications where more speed and less cost is required like e-commerce applications, we can't use signature then encryption technique, so signcryption is the cryptographic primitives that provides signature as well as encryption at the same time on a single step. First signcryption scheme is proposed by Yullian Zheng in 1997, Since then many signcryption scheme is proposed based on elliptic discrete logarithm problem (ECDLP) , Bilinear pairing, Identity Based and certificateless environment. Many of the Signcryption scheme used Random Oracle Model for their security proofs and few are based on standard model.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Signcryption, Unsigncryption, PKG (Private Key Generator), group, integrity, digital signature
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