Investigations on some compact wideband fractal antennas

Choukiker, Yogesh Kumar (2013) Investigations on some compact wideband fractal antennas. PhD thesis.



Today’s small handheld and other portable devices challenge antenna designers for ultrathin, and high performances that have the ability to meet multi standards. In the context, fractal geometries have significant role for antenna applications with varying degree of success in improving antenna characteristics. In this thesis, we have investigated several wideband fractal monopole antennas.
This work starts with design and implementation of Koch fractal, hybrid fractal, sectoral fractal, semi-circle fractal monopole antennas with discussion, covering their
operations, electrical behavior and performances. The performances of these designs have been studied using standard simulation tools used in industry/academia and are
experimentally verified. Frequency reconfigurable Koch snowflake fractal monopole antenna is also introduced. The present antenna can be used as an array element and has a wideband frequency of operation. A square Sierpinski monopole antenna has been designed, which is suitable for use in indoor UWB radio system and outdoor base station communication systems. Technique for obtaining a band stop function in the 5-6 GHz frequency band is numerically and experimentally presented. In addition to examining the performance of UWB system, the transfer function and waveform distortion are discussed. Finally, fractal antenna for array with MIMO environment is developed for mobile communication devices. Aim of this work is to achieve the acceptable performances in terms of isolation, envelope correlation coefficient, capacity loss, radiation patterns and efficiency. Furthermore, a wideband feed network prototype based on a modified Wilkinson power divider is designed. The designed feed network has been used in constructing 2-element and 4-element linear antenna arrays for high gain. This research work has addressed the effectiveness of fractal geometries in antenna and to bring-out the true advantages of their in antenna engineering.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Antenna designers, ultrathin, wideband, fractal, Sierpinski
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