Design of pillars of temples of india

., Vishal (2014) Design of pillars of temples of india. BTech thesis.



Pillars or column is one of various types of standing upright, load-bearing architectural members. In history, when man has sought to enclose area, supports have been a major part in buildings, from huts to eminent monuments. Already before historic times it was known that such supports were less likely to fall in bad weather if they were inserted into flat stones and that, if the gaps were left at the top, they would give more stability for the roof. That’s why, the pillar base was presented and the improvement of the capital prefigured. Pillar is an equipment or a thing in civil, architectural and structural engineering which is used to transmit load from one part of the structure to another part of the structure. It is a compression member used for this purpose and keep the building straight. In architecture, "pillar" is a part of structure which also have a decorative and structural properties. A pillar may also be an element for decoration not support and structural purposes; many pillars are "engaged", i.e. they make apart of the structure wall. Design of any product require research and study of the things related to particular product. It is research on most types of pillar existed in history of Indian or
Western culture and architecture. Study of different types of order present in western architecture and Parts and nomenclature of pillars are here. This research analyzed the columns or pillars as a vital part or element in architecture, aesthetic design and interior design of building, monuments and structures. In present time also pillars are an integrated part of our design, art and architecture in people life. The research include the evolution, development and alteration done on pillars time to time by various groups. CAD models is to be generated using CATIA keeping all the attributes and factors in mind and CAD model is then further be used for rapid prototyping and a prototype of the structure having all the pillars under one roof is generated using 3D printing method.

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