Intelligent motion planning and obstacle avoidance for multiple mobile robots in highly cluttered environments

Pothal, Jayanta Kumar (2014) Intelligent motion planning and obstacle avoidance for multiple mobile robots in highly cluttered environments. PhD thesis.

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In recent years, the interest in research on robots has increased extensively; mainly due to avoid human to involve in hazardous task, automation of Industries, Defense, Medical and other household applications. Different kinds of robots are used for different applications. In rough
terrains, walking robots are usually preferred. On smoother surfaces, wheeled mobile robots have the advantage because of its faster and more alert characteristics. Autonomous navigation in a cluttered and dynamic environment is a huge problem; because it is not possible to create all the possible conditions in the environment. So it is necessary to design the robot control system that can be adapted to different conditions and will be robust in dynamic environments. The robustness of the robot is to reduce the sensor errors and adopt with the sudden changes in
environmental condition. The method of robot control may be categorized as deliberative and reactive. Deliberative approach method is used in a completely known environment. In this method the robot control system has feed with the map of the environment, where it has to work. The drawback of this approach is that, it is difficult to create an exact map of the environment and the further modifications in a dynamic environment. In reactive approach no map is required to the control system. The robot has to take decision as per the sensor information. Only the target position is given to the controller of the mobile robot. The sensors collect the data from the environment and navigate accordingly.

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