Composite right/left handed antennas for wireless lan applications

Sheeja, K L (2014) Composite right/left handed antennas for wireless lan applications. PhD thesis.



The term ‘metamaterial’ has become a buzzword in electromagnetics over the past decade. In recent years, advancement in this new scientific area has given birth to numerous discoveries and inventions based on the exotic properties exhibited by these materials. Some of the exotic properties like negative permittivity, negative permeability, and infinite propagation at a particular non-zero resonant frequency are shown by these artificial materials especially called as Composite Right Left Handed structures. Metamaterials gain these properties from their structural configuration rather than from their material constitution. The electromagnetic characteristics of metamaterials can be exploited to meet the ever increasing demand for lighter, compact, size reduced, multiband antennas. One of the most exciting applications of these CRLH transmission lines (TL) is the Zeroth Order Resonant Antennas. CRLH TL metamaterials when open or short ended produce standing waves and thus behave as resonant antennas. Miniaturization of antennas is possible through these structures as the resonant frequency is independent of the parameters of the antenna aperture. Due to their infinite wavelength propagation property; reduced size, quarter wavelength antennas can be designed.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:metamaterial, electromagnetics, exotic properties, negative permittivity, negative permeability, infinite propagation
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