Development of Novel Techniques to Study Nonlinear Active Noise Control

Das, Kunal Kumar (2011) Development of Novel Techniques to Study Nonlinear Active Noise Control. PhD thesis.



Active noise control has been a field of growing interest over the past few decades. The challenges thrown by active noise control have attracted the notice of the
scientific community to engage them in intense level of research. Cancellation of acoustic noise electronically in a simple and efficient way is the vital merit of the active noise control system. A detailed study about existing strategies for active noise control has been undertaken in the present work. This study has given an insight regarding various factors influencing performance of modern active noise control systems. The development of new training algorithms and structures for active noise control are active fields of research which are exploiting the benefits of different signal processing
and soft- computing techniques. The nonlinearity contributed by environment and various components of active noise control system greatly affects the ultimate
performance of an active noise canceller. This fact motivated to pursue the research work in developing novel architectures and algorithms to address the issues of nonlinear active noise control. One of the primary focus of the work is the application of artificial neural network to effectively combat the problem of active noise control. This is because artificial neural networks are inherently nonlinear processors and possesses capabilities of universal approximation and thus are well suited to exhibit high performance when used in nonlinear active noise control. The present work contributed significantly in designing efficient nonlinear active noise canceller based on neural network platform. Novel neural filtered-x least mean square and neural filtered-e least mean square algorithms are proposed for nonlinear active noise control taking into consideration the
nonlinear secondary path. Employing Legendre neural network led the development of a set new adaptive algorithms such as Legendre filtered-x least mean square, Legendre vi filtered-e least mean square, Legendre filtered-x recursive least square and fast Legendre filtered-x least mean square algorithms. The proposed algorithms outperformed the existing standard algorithms for nonlinear active noise control in terms of steady state mean square error with reduced computational complexity. Efficient frequency domain implementation of some the proposed algorithms have been undertaken to exploit its benefits. Exhaustive simulation studies carried out have established the efficacy of the proposed architectures and algorithms.

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