Effect of Gypsum on Atterberg Limits and Compaction Characteristics of Soil

Shukla, Ambuj (2015) Effect of Gypsum on Atterberg Limits and Compaction Characteristics of Soil. BTech thesis.



There are several places in the world particularly middle East Asia and Africa has problem of gypsum contaminated soil known as gypsiferous soil. Gypsiferous soils cover approximately 100 million hectors in the world. Gypsum not only dissolve in presence of water it also changes geotechnical properties of soil. In the current study effect of gypsum on Atterberg limits and compaction character tics of soil was studied. Different percentage of gypsum was added with a soil from Rourkela to simulate the conditions of Gypsiferous soil. Laboratory test were conducted to determine effect of gupsum content on liquid limit, plastic limit and compaction characteristics of soil. It was noted that with increase in gypsum content liquid limit and plastic limit of soil decreased. The Maximum Dry Density (MDD) was noted to decrease continuously on increasing gypsum content. Although, some deviation were noted, in general a trend of increasing Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) was noted with increase in gypsum content

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Soil, Atterberg, gypsum, Moisture
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