Socio-Economic and Environmental Implications of Prawn Cultivation in Chilika Lake, Odisha

Nath, Srabani (2015) Socio-Economic and Environmental Implications of Prawn Cultivation in Chilika Lake, Odisha. MA thesis.



Prawn cultivation is a huge source of foreign exchange and income for the national economy but the effect it has on the people involved in it and its environmental impact is neglected. In Chilika Lake prawn cultivation has become a common sight. But the pattern of prawn cultivation and the methods used is not found to be sustainable. The small and poor farmers are also not the ones who gain huge profit and they remain deprived. This has adversely affected the living style of the poor fishermen. The impact is also on the social, cultural, environmental frontiers. So, this study is carried out in Chilika Lake where prawn cultivation has decreased over the years. The studies analyze the socio-economic condition of the people involved in prawn cultivation and examine its environmental impact. The previous studies in this area have not taken both the socio-economic and environmental consequences together. But, the study has been conducted with the help of schedule survey, personal interview and participation observation using random sampling method. Around 60% of the total population has been interviewed for this study. The primary data has been collected from primary source through questionnaire and secondary data has been collected from different secondary sources such as Directorate of fisheries, Govt of Odisha, research papers and reports. The present study finds that most of the prawn cultivators belonged to poor socio-economic condition and the cultivation in the area has resulted in environmental degradation of that place. The study suggest that, Govt should give more focus on implementing polices for the sustenance of their livelihood and take measures to conserve the environment around Chilika Lake.

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