Representation of Meriah Songs

Prasann, - (2015) Representation of Meriah Songs. MA thesis.



The thesis focuses on the folk songs on Kondh tribe; this thesis aims at exploring the subject of human sacrifice. It emphasizes on the significance of human sacrifice in various cultures around world since pre-historic times. Blood for its recognition as the sacred energy of life had been used as an offering for appeasing or recognizing debt towards god. These appeasements were mostly out of fear of natural calamities, diseases, wars and disasters which were believed to be the wrath of god for certain human activities, be it agriculture or hunting or usage of natural resources and bedding gratitude in certain cases for protecting from the same. Common throughout different cultures, the meaning of these ritualistic killing varied depending on the custom and religious beliefs. Indian Vedic culture too comprises of this custom. Yajurveda has numerous hymns dedicated only to sacrifice. Shakti worshipers, Thugs, and Fakirs were other such notorious illustrations of involving the same tradition. Sacrifices were executed as thanksgiving for providing good crops, curing diseases, blessing their families and tribe to flourish, to prosper and protect them from preys and woes. Kondhs too had their specific custom of practicing human sacrifice as a community obligation. In spite of the criticisms and restrictions, human sacrifice still exists and there are seldom occurrences of it for the pre-existing reasons.

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