HOK KOLOROB Mapping the Trajectories of Contemporary Indian Cyberactivism

Prasad, Ritu Raj (2015) HOK KOLOROB Mapping the Trajectories of Contemporary Indian Cyberactivism. MA thesis.



This dissertation examines an overview of the trajectory components and repertoire of Indian student’s movement which executed a series of movement during the year 2014. Cyber activism is the process of using internet based techniques to operate and create activism of any type in order to achieve a specific goal or objective towards the movement. The social networks and online technologies will help to gather followers, broadcast message and creating awareness. It is qualitative examination of the participatory potential of social media focusing on student organized protest against sexual harassment in Jadavpur University and Racism faced by North East Indian. The two case study will provide a detailed account of how social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were used to organize a student’s online protest. The selection of these two case studies is based on its social action and its digital impact in the present day scenario. We will also focus on comments from various individuals which will contribute in composite and contested discussion on both the cases even if we consider a limited population who participate online. The objective is to identify how internet can be a public sphere while examining the case studies. The result reveals that the internet and information and technologies have provided a new public sphere for discussion. The internet and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have positively affect the spread of offline information and their effect increases over time.

Item Type:Thesis ( MA)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Social Media, Protest Behavior, Political Participation, Social Movement Cyberactivism
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