Optimal Power Distribution and Power Trading Control among Loads in a Smart Grid Operated Industry

Upadhyay, Vivek (2015) Optimal Power Distribution and Power Trading Control among Loads in a Smart Grid Operated Industry. MTech thesis.



Deployment of smart grid technology into the conventional grid system provides us the different benefits regarding the energy savings and solutions such as increased reliability, reduced functionality cost, empowerment to the green energy and improved overall efficiency of the grid system. The global infrastructure of electricity is perhaps the most complex network invented by men. And currently we are using the almost 50 years old technology when it comes to electrical grid system and distribution of electricity for an industrial plant. Considering the fact of increased global warming concern, it is very essential to replace this system with much advanced technology such as smart grid. An industrial plant with various operations consist of different kind of loads.Those loads are different to each other in terms of their load profile. Power usages for each load may vary from other loads depending upon the hours of the day. At peak hours of day when a situation of over loading occur, system is bound to control the over loading situation either by turning off the loads or by shifting the load to the other non-peak hours of the day. In this thesis we come with a solution of optimizing the cost of shutting down the required load without affecting the operation of the industrial plant. Categorizing the load according to their load profile and obtaining the optimal values of energy usage for next hour depending upon the same values of last week, we make a feasible and profitable solution by using optimal power flow control techniques. The risk of peak load is considerably removed when we simulate and analyse the output. Our objective here does not only remain to supply energy to the consumer but also allowing users to make an effort to create clean energy from their part by maintaining proper communication between the supplier and receiver and keeping all the relevant parameters such as energy reliability, load balance, system efficiency at optimal level.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Optimal Load Profile, Load Shedding, Smart grid Technology, MatPower
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