Study of Reactive Power Compensation Using Fact Devices

Sha, Akash Kumar and Moktan, Budhi Man (2015) Study of Reactive Power Compensation Using Fact Devices. BTech thesis.



To repay the reactive power misfortunes in the transmission line and any place in the electrical influence framework, we have completed the writing survey of the different papers and embraced the distinctive procedures to defeat this issue. We have utilized the shunt and series arrangement strategies, in which the compensator like capacitor will be given in parallel and in series to the inductive load. Since there is dependably a voltage and current transient upon the changing the capacitor steps. Henceforth we adopted the FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) gadgets to beat the responsive force remuneration issue. The studies for the different FACTS gadgets were completed and we discovered the STATCOMs (Static Synchronous Compensators) is the present day and the most productive approach to conquer the responsive force pay. The different strategies were done for the STATCOMS. The genuine investigation were completed in MATLAB and its scientific outflow was inferred utilizing diverse routines for calculation. Study of FACTS devices like STATCOM and SVC is being presented in this paper. These devise have allowed as to compensate reactive power and mitigate problems occurring in transmission lines. This thesis present the analysis of Static Synchronous Compensator for single phase AC transmission line and also compared the results with Static VAR Compensator and tabulated their differences. Also the analysis of STATCOM for three phase AC transmission line has also been performed accordingly. Principle of operation of Static Synchronous Compensator and PWM techniques have also been employed in simulation of STATCOM, which are briefly presented in this paper. We have also done basic mathematical formulation for STATCOM. These thesis basically present the operation of STATCOM to compensate reactive power when connected to single or three phase AC transmission lines.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Active power, Apparent power , Reactive Power , losses , Capacitive load, inductive load, leading pf , lagging power factor, shunt compensation, series compensation, FACT Devices , single phase , three phase, SVC, STATCOM
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