Coal Handling System-Its Performance Monitoring & Suggestive Measures for Improvements

Ojha, Somanath (2015) Coal Handling System-Its Performance Monitoring & Suggestive Measures for Improvements. MTech by Research thesis.



The coal handling process involves a number of activities from loading and unloading to stockpile. This procedure can be carried out by coal conveying system which includes a large number of mechanical equipment. The important activities under coal handling include loading/unloading, dumping, transporting etc. which are done with the help of various mechanical equipment. Every organization wants to profit as much as possible and increases their production rate by using maximum effort for care and maintain. And it is possible if the equipment is running in good condition with zero breakdowns, zero accident, and zero wastage. This research work presents a practical analysis for monitoring the operational performance of equipment, which shows the two additional objectives: the first one is the identification of major causes of production losses which are born from malfunctions, breakdowns, and bad operating programme. And the second one is the implementation of a suitable and appropriate methodology for improvement of coal handling systems, which handling the coal from bunker to stockyard within an industry. The data are analyzed and compared with World class to Obtained OEE. During the operation, many reasons are there, which affect the production rate called six big losses. To minimize the six big losses and improve productivity, an accurate effective estimation of equipment is necessary and offers a suitable methodology.
For the purpose of the study, a case study methodology is applied in order to analyze in the depth of maintenance in a real context. The primary focus of this research work is to monitor the equipment performance in coal handling plants and its contribution to the company for overall operation. The OEE data are recorded through tables and compared to world class OEE considering the operational losses and also performance reports are briefly analyzed through figures in terms of equipment failures in different locations, idle time for materials, operators and speed loss time for minor stoppages like sensor blocked, cleaning/checking or component jamming. For minimizing the downtime and promote productivity, a suitable methodology is developed through tables for determining the status of coal handling equipment viz. Tippler, Side arm charger, Reversible apron feeder, Belt conveyor system, Stacker, Reclaimer.
This research work deals with the quantitative measurement of equipment performance in coal handling plant, which defines losses for many reasons. As a result, valuable information is provided concerning the performance monitoring of production equipment and implementing a suitable methodology for improvement of coal handling machinery operations viz tippler, side arm charger, reversible apron feeder, belt conveyor, stacker, reclaimer.
Introduce the estimation and evaluation of OEE procedure which is highly valid and accurate performance indicator and has become very popular in all the industries starting from mining area for excavation of material to harbour area for material handling. OEE shows a right metrics to analyze the ordinary issue and improving the whole process. There are many formulas, systems and metrics being used to improve the whole production process, but one and only OEE reduces complex problem into easy. The biggest advantage of OEE allows companies to have separate business functions by applying a single easy to understand the formula. OEE is by far the most effective benchmarking tool in making sound management and maintenance decisions.
The dissertation concludes with a summary of the contribution and the scope of further work.

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