Wound Dressing for Uncontrolled Blood Loss –by Polyelctrolytic Complex

Behera, Gourav Kumar (2015) Wound Dressing for Uncontrolled Blood Loss –by Polyelctrolytic Complex. BTech thesis.



Hemostatic dressing techniques have been developed for advanced hemorrhage control wound dressings and systems for utilizing and delivering the same for different wound healing purposes. The subject wound dressing is built from a non-mammalian material for controlling severe bleeding. The wound dressing techniques that we have carried out by taking the materials such as chitosan, sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Since wound healing is a complex process which involves the working of both the circulatory system and the immune system. The main objective of developing this wound dressing techniques is to accelerate the process of healing the wounds. The ideal characteristics that a wound dressing should have are to provide a moist environment, to absorb wound fluids, protect from microbial infections and most importantly should be biocompatible .In the current study we developed the gels with different concentrations of chitosan, sodium alginate and calcium chloride, also the gels prepared were analyzed by different characterization techniques such as scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The different samples of the gels were also subjected to viscosity test. For the homogeneous mixing of the solutions of chitosan plus calcium chloride mixture with the sodium alginate solution we have designed a prototype such as a dynamic syringe mixture which serves as a convenient platform for applying the gel formed on the wound for the wound healing. From the above experiments carried out by us concludes that for the gel to be formed and for its application as a wound dressing proper mixing should be allowed and the prototype designed by us minimizes the time of formation of the gel when the solutions are mixed and serves as platform for the application near the wound healing.

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