Seismic Analysis and Design of Hospital Building by Equivalent Static Analysis

Naser, Mohammad (2015) Seismic Analysis and Design of Hospital Building by Equivalent Static Analysis. BTech thesis.



Structural design is the primary aspect of civil engineering. The foremost basic in structural engineering is the design of simple basic components and members of building viz., slabs, beams, columns and footings. The first step in any design is to decide the plan of the particular building. The location of beams and columns are decided. Then the vertical loads like dead and live loads are calculated. Once the loads are obtained, the component which takes the load first i.e. the slabs can be designed. From the slabs, the loads are transferred to the beams. The loads coming from the slabs onto the beam may be trapezoidal or triangular. Depending on this, the beam may be designed. The loads (mainly shear) from the beams are then transferred to the columns. For designing columns, it is necessary to know the moments they are subjected to. For this purpose, frame analysis is done by Moment Distribution Method. Most of the columns designed in this project were considered to be axially loaded with uniaxial bending. Finally, the footings are designed based on the loading from the column and also the soil bearing capacity value for that particular area. All component parts are checked for strength and stability. The building was initially designed as per IS 456: 2000 without considering earthquake loads using software. Then the building was analyzed for earthquake loads as per Equivalent static analysis method and after obtaining the base shear as per IS1893: 2002, again detailing has been obtained using ETABs.

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