Tag-Reader Authentication Scheme for RFID Systems

Singh , Hakim (2015) Tag-Reader Authentication Scheme for RFID Systems. MTech thesis.



Radio frequency Identification (RFID) system is latest a technology. It has been used in various applications in the world. Radio frequency identification (RFID) can be used in supply chain management, automated payment systems and other daily application as essential technology to enhance lives of human beings. RFID systems are vulnerable for many malicious attacks against privacy and security. To solve these problems, many authentication protocols based on cryptography scheme have been developed in order to ensure preservation of privacy. However, many of the these approaches cannot fully protect privacy in the presence of malicious readers or insider attacks. Our research work in thesis mainly focuses on designing secure RFID authentication schemes with untrace- ability. We observe a number of recent proposed RFID authentication scheme as well as related. Cryptography techniques, and then define the security and privacy requirement for our RFID systems. Our main contribution in this thesis consist proposed RFID authentication. Generally, the weakness of RFID technology is authentication systems between a reader and a tag become weak. In this thesis, we introduced RFID tag - reader authentication scheme for use under the electronic product code global frame work. Which is more efficient for possible privacy and security threats in RFID system. This scheme is based on 16-bit random number. Random number is generated by 16-bit linear feedback shift register (LFSR). 16-bit Linear feedback shift register (LFSR) is based on polynomial feed- back X16+X14+X13+X11+1. We further analysed the RFID system’s security strength against various attacking scenarios, such that man in middle attack, eavesdropping, replay attack and mutual authentication

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:RFID, Authentication, Tags, Reader, Linear Feedback Shift Register
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