Speed Control and Regenerative Braking of Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Fed Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Tirkey, Prem Sai and Chiruvolu, Naganaveen Kumar (2015) Speed Control and Regenerative Braking of Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Fed Permanent Magnet DC Motor. BTech thesis.



This thesis mainly emphasis on speed control and regenerative braking of PMDC motor fed by a bidirectional DC-DC converter. The main objective is to increase the efficiency of the motor and also the power flow in both directions which also further improves efficiency during regenerative braking mode. Different types of bidirectional DC-DC converters have been studied. As we all know that during the buck mode operation of converter regenerative braking occurs which in turn charges the battery whereas in boost mode the battery supplies the required power to run the motor. So out of all the present bidirectional DC-DC converters we have opted for half bridge non-isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter because it is cheap, less number of components and due to its low weight. In order to decrease the switching losses we have implemented International rectifiers (IR2110), in which the input is a pulse and its outputs are two pulses complimentary to each other of required period through which MOSFET can be triggered. So for further reduction in losses we have optimized all the values of inductor, capacitor by zero voltage techniques so as to achieve the required specifications. All the parameters discussed in the thesis have been controlled and simulated during both the operations and are verified with theoretical results.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Speed Control, Regenerative Braking, PMDC Motor, Bidirectional DC-DC Converter, IR2110.
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