Studies on Diffusivity of Naphthalene Balls Using Fluidized Bed

Pradhan , Gurudev (2015) Studies on Diffusivity of Naphthalene Balls Using Fluidized Bed. BTech thesis.



Molecular diffusion is principal to mass transport and comprehension the fundamental component of this wonder and quantitative estimation of the same is discriminating to mass exchange operations. It is critical to highlight the way that any modern mass exchange operation includes multi-segment framework; nonetheless, suitable binary system data can be effectively used to estimate the multi-component system. In this project, a study has been conducted to measure the diffusivity of naphthalene in a fluidized bed. The experiments had been conducted on naphthalene balls in a fluidized bed with a conical bed. Parameters like time of diffusion, temperature of air, flow velocity of air and material to be diffused were varied and the diffusion coefficients were determined. Naphthalene balls (C10H8) were used to study the diffusion phenomenon in spherical geometry. The diffusivity was determined using the Fick’s model. This model suitably depict the diffusion coefficients of naphthalene balls considering the diverse exploratory conditions. A relationship was created between the diffusion coefficients and the framework parameters. The values acquired from the relationship were contrasted with the test values which gave deviation inside exploratory limits of confinement. Finally the effect of each parameter on the diffusion coefficient was determined.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Diffusion coefficients, Fluidized bed, Mass transfer operation, Naphthalene, velocity
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Engineering and Technology > Chemical Engineering > Fluidization
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