Studies on Performance of an Airfoil and Its Simulation

Roul , Rajendra (2015) Studies on Performance of an Airfoil and Its Simulation. MTech thesis.



Airfoil plays an important role in any aircraft because it has to generate adequate lift to hold the aircraft in the air with less drag. The design of an airfoil with desired aerodynamic characteristics is not so easy till date. In early days the design was random and it was tested in a flow section, then Wright Brothers come with cambered section. NACA has given a proper definition for airfoil which help us to create airfoil using formulas and not randomly. In this work a detailed study of NACA 2312 airfoil, at various angle of attack and different free stream velocity in the wind tunnel. This work is divided into two phase one is numerical analysis and another one is experimental verification by fabricating the airfoil and testing in wind tunnel. The aerodynamic characteristics are plotted against AOA and the comparison between the numerical and experimental is also performed.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Airfoil, Ansys, Computational fluid dynamics, Wind tunnel
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