Studies on Boundary Layer Parameters on Rough Surfaces in Turbulent Boundary Layer Zone

Singh, Arunima (2015) Studies on Boundary Layer Parameters on Rough Surfaces in Turbulent Boundary Layer Zone. MTech thesis.



At the point when genuine fluid streams past a solid body or a solid boundary wall, the fluid particles adhere to the wall and state of no slip happens. This implies that the velocity of fluid near to the wall will be same as that of wall. On the off chance that the wall is stationary, the speed of fluid at the boundary will be zero. Further far from the limit, the velocity will be higher and as a consequence of this variety of velocity, and gradient of velocity will exist. The speed of fluid increments from zero on the stationary limit to the free stream velocity of the fluid in the direction normal to the boundary. This velocity from zero to free stream velocity in the perpendicular direction to the wall happens in a restricted locale in the region of solid boundary. This narrow locale of fluid is called Boundary Layer. Three fundamental parameters (portrayed underneath) that are utilized to describe the size and state of a boundary layer are the nominal boundary layer thickness, the displacement thickness, and the momentum thickness. In our proposition, we have gotten the boundary layer parameters and velocity profiles on different types of rough surfaces by using wind tunnel. The emery papers of distinctive grain sizes have been considered as rough surfaces. This paper summarizes a select set of recent investigations involving the computations of effects of roughness, mainstream velocity and distance from leading edge on turbulent boundary layer along with the correlations.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Surface Roughness, Velocity Profile, Boundary layer, Turbulent Flow, Correlation, Wind Tunnel.
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