Web-Server Design Using Microblaze Processor of Xilinx FPGA

Das , Jyoti Prakash (2015) Web-Server Design Using Microblaze Processor of Xilinx FPGA. BTech thesis.



Web server isman information technology which can be used for the purpose of communication to the client with the help of a website which acts as a web server at that time. Through the web server clients can access web pages, hypertext markup language documents, files and so on and they can be interconnected through this web server. The microblaze processor is a softmcore_processor having anmintellectual_propertymcore which ismimplemented_usingmlogic_primitivesmofmthe_FPGA. The advantagemofmusing the microblaze processor is that the soft core processor supports re-programmability and reconfigurability. The microblaze is a soft 32 bit RISC processor having wide variety of applications mainly in automobile, medical fields, industrial control system and we can use it also as a web server which the project aims. Inmthismproject, amsoft_coremprocessor i.e. Microblazembasedmembedded_systemmismdevelopedmwithmRS-232_serialminterface, Ethernetminterface, 32MBmSDRAM, 4MBmPROM_(platform flash), 16x2_LCDminterface, 8_digitalminputs and 8_digitalmoutputs. The embeddedmsystems is connectedmto the internetmand remotelymcontrolled_andmmonitored

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Microblaze Processor, Spartan 3e, FPGA, Ethernet, Web Server , Softcore Processor
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electronics and Communication Engineering > VLSI
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