VANET Based Four Way Road Intersection Traffic Light Control Model

Ranjan, Alok (2015) VANET Based Four Way Road Intersection Traffic Light Control Model. MTech thesis.



Traffic lights are responsible in maintaining the smooth passage of traffic in urban scenario. To enhance the efficiency of traffic control system we are utilizing the concept of Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) along with our proposed VANET Based Four Way Road Intersection Traffic Light Control Model. The proposed model facilitates more number of vehicles to cross the intersection simultaneously; reduces the vehicles waiting time at intersection. The dynamic cycle traffic control provides an adaptive mechanism to adjust the timing behavior of traffic signal in accordance to traffic demand. Traffic density estimation and traffic density analysis are the two major phases of the proposed traffic signal control. The proposed system comprises of estimation of vehicle density in different lanes approaching the intersection. The density estimation is carried out using (V2I) Vehicle to Infrastructure and (V2V) Vehicle to Vehicle communication. Further the assessment and analysis of obtained data from the estimated density part is carried out by the traffic signal controller to adjust the traffic signal cycles in accordance with the traffic requirement such that unnecessary traffic waiting time can be minimized. The proposed model and proposed Green Light Allocation algorithm is evaluated against the existing static and dynamic cycle control system using Matlab. We found that our proposed system is giving better performance by allowing more traffic volume to cross through the intersection in each cycle. Also our proposed system is reducing the waiting time of vehicles at intersection by frequently switching the Green Light among the phases of same signal cycle.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Traffic Controller; Four Way Road Intersection Model; Traffic Clustering; V2V and V2I Communication; Road Side Unit
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