Untraceable Blind Multisignature

Namdeo, Ankit Kumar (2015) Untraceable Blind Multisignature. MTech thesis.



Multisignature is a variant of digital signature which enables a document to be signed by multiple signers simultaneously in a collaboration. It ensures the fairness property of the signer. Blind signature is another variant of digital signature in which a message is signed without disclosing its content. Blindness is an important property of blind signature in which, the message and the signature are unlinkable after signature is attached to the message.In this Thesis, we designed a Blind Multisignature protocol with security features of blind signatures and multisignature. The security of the scheme lies in hard computational assumptions such as Integer Factorization problem (IFP), computational Diffie-Hellman problem (CDHP) and discrete logarithmic problem (DLP). The correctness of the scheme is tested mathematically and the scheme is also implemented in Java platform. The computational cost of the proposed scheme is low and the signature length (in byte) is nominal with the message size. The time of computation of each phase is computed and found to be low as compared to competent schemes. The security analysis of the scheme is done rigorously and the security features such as untraceability, blindness and unforgeability of the proposed scheme has been analysed and found secure under the attack. The scheme has properties of both blind signature and multi-signature. This scheme can be applied to real life applications such as electronic cash and electronic voting.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Blind Signature, Multisignature, Untraceability, Blindness, Unforgeability.
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Computer and Information Science > Information Security
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Computer Science
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Deposited By:Mr. Sanat Kumar Behera
Deposited On:16 Mar 2016 20:00
Last Modified:16 Mar 2016 20:00
Supervisor(s):Mohanty, S

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