Three-Body Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Jute-Glass Reinforced Epoxy Composite

Pati, Swarupa Ranjan (2015) Three-Body Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Jute-Glass Reinforced Epoxy Composite. BTech thesis.



Natural polymers reinforced with synthetic fibers such as glass, carbon, and aramid provide advantages of high stiffness and strength to weight ratio as compared to conventional materials. The thought of composite materials is not a new one to discuss. Nature is a full of composite materials which we regularly see and use. common fiber reinforced with polymer matrix have got the consideration worldwide because of their low cost, minimal effort, lightweight, renewability, combustibility,low density and biodegradability. Very large numbers of natural elements are available which can be used as reinforcement, for example, jute, and banana, rice husk which have turned out to be great and proficient fortifications. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites are known as the most advanced kind of composites. They are exceptionally efficient in terms of their minimal cost, high quality, strength and mechanical properties. Despite of the fact that FRP composites have particular disadvantages like low working temperature, high coefficient of thermal and moisture expansion, low elastic properties, still they are very helpful. The present work includes study of hybrid natural fibers and fabrication of hybrid natural composites of jute and glass with different stacking sequence. It also includes testing of the composites to study the three-body abrasive wear behavior and microscopic analysis of the abraded surface.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Hybrid Composites,Jute Fiber,Glass Fiber,Epoxy,Hand Lay-Up Technique,Dry Sand Abrasion Test,Microscopic Anlysis
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Mechanical Engineering > Machine Design
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Mechanical Engineering
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