Study of Velocity Profile of a Converging Compound Channel Using ANSYS

Sahoo, Rahul (2015) Study of Velocity Profile of a Converging Compound Channel Using ANSYS. BTech thesis.



The three dimensional ANSYS Fluent modeling of a converging type non-prismatic compound open channel is worked out in this B Tech research project. The flow calculations are performed by using VOF (volume of fluid model). The channel dimensions are large enough to allow a steady flow, so transient flow type is considered as the potential type for precise mimicking of experimental conditions. The comprehensive validation of the ANSYS simulated results against the experimental data and checking whether the non-prismatic compound channels can be investigated using this software; is the major purpose of this research project. Analysis of open channel flow with converging floodplain is very much important because estimation of potential hazards becomes easier.The floodplain of any natural river is generally a densely populated area due to the obvious reasons of transportation and irrigation facilities. Hence the design of flood combating strategies are essential. Taking observations on a site of flooded river is also a risky and costly task so, after validation; use of ANSYS simulated models are a safe and cheaper option to analyze the river parameters. In this project, the results gave an understanding about the interaction of fluids flowing in main channel and floodplain

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Converging compound channel Floodplain Transient flow three dimensional ANSYS model Flood combating strategy
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Civil Engineering > Water Resources Engineering
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