Empirical Study on Marketing Initiatives and Service Quality Measures offered thus Making a Comprehensive Economic Impact with Reference to Indian Hospitals

Panigrahi, Goutam (2015) Empirical Study on Marketing Initiatives and Service Quality Measures offered thus Making a Comprehensive Economic Impact with Reference to Indian Hospitals. MA thesis.



The application of quality-management practices by manufacturers and service providers has become increasingly widespread. Recognition of the differences between manufacturing and services through the dimensions of intangibility, inseparability, and heterogeneity of service products has enabled quality-management practitioners to develop approaches that have proved effective in improving service quality. The quality of service—both technical and functional—is a key ingredient in the success of service organizations). Technical quality in health care is defined primarily on the basis of the technical accuracy of the diagnosis and procedures. Several techniques for measuring technical quality have been proposed and are currently in use in health-care organizations. Information relating to this is not generally available to the public, and remains within the purview of health-care professionals and administrators). In other words, marketing initiatives extends the means to offer additional but relevant products, better and more organized way, to the existing and new customers based on their purchases record. It allows the business to promote similar products with better functionality that the customer may not be aware of. This paper has emphasized on the concept of marketing initiatives taken up by hospitals and the and the service quality that is offered its impact on economic development of the society. From the literature review and my in-hand exploration from both public and private hospitals, some research questions have been taken into consideration for further examination. .How does cross marketing increase customer mobilization? This paper also tells us about the meaning, existence, types, scope, benefits, limitations of marketing initiatives whether it be the above the line activities or below the line activities that the hospitals are engaged into and also include suggestions to improve the economic development. This survey was conducted at both the private and public hospitals that is situated in and around Rourkela (Odisha.). The data collection was done from doctors, patients, patient’s relatives, patient’s friends, hospital staff and marketing officials. Factor analysis has been used to examine the hypothesis and the findings of the survey by using IBM SPSS 2013. All the data were represented a 5 point Likert scale. The result of the findings was, that the marketing initiatives taken up by hospitals and the service quality thus offered by the hospitals vary from each other and there is no specified model that suggest the exactness put it is seen through the research that the presence of hospitals in society and the extended help from the government with the engagement of various schemes helps patients and other members of the society to engage with this thus resulting in the economic development of the society .

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