Energy Efficient Routing in WSNs with Forward Next Hop selection

Arif, Mohd (2015) Energy Efficient Routing in WSNs with Forward Next Hop selection. MTech thesis.



Nowadays, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are dramatically becoming more popular and widely being used in variety of application like battlefield, medicals and several other areas because they are cheap in cost and have the ability to sense data irrespective of environment harshness. When we say wireless sensor network then it refers to a collection of sensor nodes arranged into a Prespecified /random way in the concerned Geographical region. Sensor Networks are able to fulfill many purpose of human life but they also have limitation, one and most crucial one is its limited battery power because sensor nodes are smaller in size and in most of the cases battery recharging or replenishment is not possible so efficient utilization of energy resources is important, Routing in WSNs consumes the most of sensors nodes energy if we are able to make an energy conserving routing protocol then we will be able to conserve the considerable amount of energy which will enhance the Network lifetime. We have suggested An Energy Conserving Efficient Routing Protocol with Forward Next Hop Selection in which network is divided into clusters and there is inter cluster routing between cluster heads with an optimized minimum distance next hop selection which have taken the features of clustering and multi-hop we have also partitioned the network in different transmission level so that node can transmit at minimum possible energy level after adjusting its transmission power at the beginning of cluster formation phase. We have simulated our model in MATLAB and result is compared with LEACH and found it better in terms of Network lifetime and average energy consumed by Cluster Heads.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Clustering, Cluster heads, Energy Efficient, Forward Next hop, Network Partition, Routing
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