Analysis of PAPR Reduction in 5G communication

Gopal, Rahul (2015) Analysis of PAPR Reduction in 5G communication. MTech thesis.



The goal of this thesis is to analyze PAPR reduction performance in 5G communication. 5G communication technology is beyond 4G and LTE technology and expected to be employed around 2020. Research is going on for standardization of 5G technology. One of the key objective of 5G technology is to achieve high data rate (10Gbps). For this a large bandwidth is needed. Since limited frequency resources are available, the frequency spectrum should be efficiently utilized to obtain high data rate. Also to utilize white space, cognitive radio networks are needed. In cognitive radio network very low out of band radiation is desired. OFDM is used in 4G communication but it has the drawback of low spectral efficiency and high out of band radiation, which makes it a poor choice for 5G communication. So for 5G communication new waveform is required. FBMC, UFMC, GFDM are some of the waveform candidates for 5G communication. FBMC is a potential candidate for 5G communication and it is used in many 5G projects around the world. In this thesis FBMC is used as a waveform candidate for 5G communication. High PAPR is always a problem in multicarrier communication system. FBMC is also a multicarrier communication system, so it also suffers from high PAPR problem. To reduce the PAPR several PAPR reduction techniques have been proposed over the last few decades. Tone injection and companding are two promising techniques, which are used in PAPR reduction of multicarrier communication system. In this thesis a combined scheme of tone injection and companding is used, which gives significant performance improvement compared to the tone injection and companding techniques taken separately. Simulation is performed to analyses the PAPR and BER performance of FBMC-FMT and FBMC-SMT system. Also a new clipping based PAPR reduction scheme is proposed in this thesis. For this scheme simulation is performed to analyze the PAPR performance of FBMC-FMT, FBMC-SMT and FBMC-CMT system. All the simulations are performed in MATLAB.

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